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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement outlines The Dragon Shop's policies on collection and use of your personal information.

At The Dragon Shop we take your privacy seriously. We will never share, sell or disclose in any way, to any third party, any personal information we may have collected from you during your transactions in our website, except as noted below.

Third party entities that may have access to your personal information are limited to the following:

    - company(ies) that need your information to complete your transactions                     such as our wharehouse and our shippers.

    - Company that uses your information to secure payments from you, such as                 Paypal.

    - This policy does not apply to our third party affiliates since they have                         their own privacy policy

                                                     Collection of Information

 The Dragon Shop collects information from you as follows:

    - When you visit our website we may collect information regarding your page                 views, links and ads you clicked in our site, as well as IP address and Browser             information.

    - When you place an order, we collect your name, home address, email address           and phone number

The Dragon Shop will never knowingly collect information from minors. If you are under 18 years of age, please do not submit personal information or conduct any transaction from The Dragon Shop without the express consent of your parent(s) or your legal guardian.

How We Use Your Personal Information

    - The Dragon Shop will use your personal information to carry out any transaction         you have requested. We will use your phone number only if there is an issue with       your order that can't be handled any other way.

    - We may send you by mail or email any notification of sales or promotions offered       by The Dragon Shop or our affiliate, RaberrCo , including free catalogs of our               products.

    - We may also disclose your information in connection with any legal matter that           may be required by law.

    - This policy may change from time to time, without prior notice, to update or add          to it as necessary. Any significant changes or additions will be notified to our                customers via regular mail or email.
If you need to contact us regarding our privacy policy,or to change or correct any of  your personal information, please submit your inquiry at ""

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